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Massage Therapy — a Smart Career Choice!  Did you know that there is an increasing demand for Professional Massage Therapists? According to The American Massage Therapy Association’s 2013 research, employment for Massage Therapists is expected to rise 20% from 2010 to 2020, which is faster than average for all occupations. And there is more great news for Massage Therapists in Michigan, ONetOnLine projects a 14% increase in jobs for Massage Therapists from 2008 to 2018.

Opportunities are unlimited with a career in Massage Therapy. You can practice in many settings, to a diverse group of clients, with a wide range of treatment objectives. Are you are you looking for a career that offers flexibility, independence, good pay and personal fulfillment?  What massage environment is right for you?

The Spa Industry

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For the Massage Therapist interested in the Spa Industry growth continues. The top treatment of Spas in the U.S. is a massage according to the 2012 Spa Industry Study. Furthermore, The International Spa Association ( survey of 2011 states that there were approximately 156 million visitors to U. S. Spas!


Medical and Health Care Settings


Opportunities in the health care field include chiropractic, physician, and counseling offices, physical therapy and orthopedic clinics, hospitals, and complimentary health care centers




Sports Massage

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Work with athletes who need support in their recovery process, improvement in flexibility, to expand endurance, and reduce fatigue. 


Pregnancy Massage


Prenatal and postnatal massage is a rewarding specialty where you work supporting pregnant women and infants.




Geriatric Massage

With the aging population, demand for geriatric massage is increasing. As a specialist in geriatric massage you will support healthful aging and offer relief from various symptoms of aging.

Additional areas of specialty include oncology massage and working with the special needs community. (


Massage Clinics

Work in a massage clinic can take many forms; from employment in a firm owned business to a coop of therapists sharing expenses for the operation of the clinic.


Wellness Centers

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If you enjoy promoting health and wellness, a massage therapy practice in a wellness center may be just for you. You will be part of an environment of wellness professionals that may include chiropractors, nutritionists, counselors, naturopathic doctors, trainers, life coaches, and counselors, or you may work in a clinic that has only massage therapists.


Seated Massage On-Site



Seated or chair massage is for the therapist who enjoys a constant change of surroundings. The massage is given without lubrication through the client’s clothing.




Self-Employed in Private Practice

Potential settings could include sporting events, corporate offices, airports, malls, and outreach events.Self-employment is best suited for the massage therapist who is able to also wear the hat of business person. The benefits of private practice are your ability to create an individualized work environment, set your own hours, and control of your client list.


Cruise Ships

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Working as a massage therapist on a cruise ship is attractive to therapists who love to travel and meet new people. Some of the appealing benefits of working on a cruise ship are good pay that often includes room and board, medical insurance (a maritime law requirement), and reduced cruise prices for your family and friends.

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