Choosing a career in Massage Therapy can be a fulfilling and rewarding journey and jobs for Massage Therapists are projected to have the fastest growth of any other career path (20 % growth between 2010 and 2020) according to the BLS. But did you also know Massage Therapists also enjoy one of the most flexible career options after completing an education in Massage Therapy.

Flexibility in Studies

People tend to categorize Massage Therapy into three groups: Spa, Sports Massage, or Medical Massage. While there are undoubtedly focuses of studies unique to each of these groups, they also share many of the same subjects. For instance, learning Hydrotherapy could apply to all three categories – so when your attending Massage School you’re graduating with the ability to work in a variety of fields.

Choice of Career Path

Unlike some other careers there is no “set place” Massage Therapists are employed – so yes, if you’ve ever considered pursuing an education in Massage Therapy but decided not to because you “didn’t want to work in a Spa” you were wrong to jump to that conclusion.

Regardless of which one of the groups (Spa, Sports or Medical Massage) you’re interests fit into there are a variety of employment opportunities out there that aren’t confined to one definite location.

Work Less Earn More

The American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) annual report showed that Massage Therapists worked an average of 21.2 hrs per week in 2013 but still grossed nearly $22,000 annual income for the year – which is a similar annual income to somebody who is currently working 40 hrs a week at roughly $10-$11 dollars an hour.

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