Because the Massage Therapy industry continues to grow, the number of Massage Schools are also on the rise. On the surface this may seem like a blessing for those considering pursuing an education in Massage Therapy as it would allow them seemingly endless options for picking a school to attend. Unfortunately, selecting a MassageSchool requires a much deeper approach than just picking a name out of a hat.

Not all Massage Schools are the same, and choosing where you receive your education and training will largely contribute to your future success as a Massage Therapist.

If you have ever had an interest to become a massage therapist or learn massage therapy, here are some key points to consider while searching for a Massage School that best fits your needs:


Determine what the school specializes in. Is it Massage Therapy, or does the school offer other areas of focus as well? Be cautious of schools that offer degrees/certificates/diplomas for virtually every subject matter under the sun.

Some Massage Schools do offer other Holistic Health and Spa related programs – but it is still important to determine where the school’s main focus lies to decide if the Massage Therapy education they provide will be of the highest caliber of quality.

The more focus in a school’s field of study, the higher the quality of education the Student receives.

Types of Massage Taught

Less is more. Well, not when it comes to Massage Schools actually. Try finding a school that teaches a wide variety of types of Massage (also called Modalities). Schools that offer a diverse selection of modalities are more likely to prepare you best for a career as a Massage Therapist.

Think of each modality as an individual tool that you’ll be putting in your Massage Therapy toolkit. The more tools, the more you can do.


Learn about the school’s reputation by discussing it with the school as well as with other outside sources. Ask the school how long they have provided Massage Therapy education and what their Student success rate has been.

You can go a step further by contacting nearby Chiropractic offices, Spas, etc. and asking their opinions on that particular school – Do they employ any of their graduates? Have they worked with the School before?

Where you go to school can either be a badge of honor, or a black mark on your resume.


We’ll keep it simple here – make sure you select an Accredited school/program. Accreditation matters, and it is an instant backing for whatever claims the school makes regarding its courses, teachers, services they provide, or what tuition they require.

Accreditation for a school is like a seal of approval, and because Accreditation is something that educational institutions are required to renew (which means re-qualifying, and re-meeting their credentials) you can be sure that the school has consistently maintained its status and meets all requirements.

And yes we did just use the word “re-meeting” above…it’s not a technically defined word, but it IS in the Scrabble dictionary…

Federal Financial Aid

Hey! Here’s another reason to choose an Accredited school – it allows a massage school to offer federal financial aid to qualified applicants.

Career Services

Talk to Massage Schools about their Career Placement practices, if any. Most Massage Schools will have a Career Placements department that do everything from keep in touch with Graduates as well as provide graduates of their school periodic job leads.

Find out specifics about the school’s Career Placement services: How long can benefit from their Career Services? Is there an additional cost after graduation to use there services?

Most massage schools offer Career Services to their graduates for the duration of their careers.


MassageSchool, much like deciding to go into any other field of study, requires that you carefully consider your personal and professional schedule and compare to the class schedule the school offers. Do you need evening classes? Do you need to be done with school within a year?

Be sure to select a school whose class schedule is flexible, or best matches your needs.

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