Amy Pavlov’s journey through Massage School is nearly complete. She is in her last quarter and is excited to be graduating in June. We asked her to reflect on her experience – from her decision to pursue Massage Therapy as a career, her transition back into a school setting and her feelings toward the education she has received, and here’s what she had to say:

Prior to Massage School

Before enrolling at Lakewood School Amy earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and Biology with a plan of moving on to Naturopathy School but found the commitment and price tag to be more than she was able to handle at the time. After speaking with several Naturopathic Doctors she learned that many of them had chosen to begin with Massage Therapy first before transitioning into Naturopathy.

“I was drawn to Massage Therapy, and Naturopathic Medicine because I believe strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself and the ability of the things that exist around us in our environment that help promote personal help naturally.”

Choosing a Massage School

Amy began researching Massage Schools and was eventually drawn to Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage located in downtown Port Huron.

“Lakewood is a highly accredited school. I wanted school that was high-standing so when I was done I knew her education meant something and that I could take what I learned here and move into whatever field I wanted. I could move into a Spa, a Hospital, Chiropractic Office, or even go out on my own – and I knew I’d have the skills to do it and do it well.”

The Transition Back to School

When Amy found Lakewood School she had been living and working on Mackinac Island for 3 years. Luckily, her parents live in the area so she was able to stay with her family during school – but – that was after commuting from the Island to Port Huron and then back again for the first six weeks of the program due to her obligations at her place of employment on the island.

The commute was a five hour trip (one way) that began at noon the day before her school day. She would attend class and then begin her commute home to the island.

“It was an adjustment – but it was worth it.” “Some people think of it as more a bigger adjustment than what I believe it to be, but I have classmates who have families and other jobs so I think their adjustments were just as much as mine.” Amy then humorously added “The one adjustment I had to deal with were cars – after being on the island for years I wasn’t used to cars – driving them, being around them – that was an adjustment.”

Her Experience

“The benefits I’ve received from Lakewood were many. They offer small classes, lots of personal attention and they bring in some of the best teachers that Michigan has to offer. They really care about your success as a student.” Amy went on to say “It’s a tough program, but it’s definitely worth it. Nothing that’s worth having is easy, you have to work for it.”

Future Plans

Amy is looking forward to returning to Mackinac Island – Massage Therapy diploma in tow – and working in a newly open Spa as a Massage Therapist four days a week. “I hope to be able to use my Massage Therapy education to allow me to travel to different places and then to eventually settle down somewhere and build a practice.”



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