Did you know that Lakewood School of Therapeutic Massage located in downtown Port Huron offers a public Clinic in which area residents and visitors can receive a 1 hour massage for only $25? Well we do!

But what can you expect from recieving a Massage at Lakewood School?

Are the Students qualified?

Yes, Students working in the Massage Clinic will have completed the foundation of their training. They will be able to give a relaxation massage and will continue to add to their therapeutic skills through the remainder of their program. A Clinic Supervisor will be available at all times.

How Will My Appointment Go?

We will begin your session by asking you to complete a health history form that will give us information about your overall health and alert us to any sore or tight areas that you may have.

You will receive the massage in a private treatment area where the Therapist will leave you to remove your clothing to your level of comfort and get on the massage table.

You will be kept modestly draped at all times during the massage which means areas of your body that would be covered by a bathing suit will not be exposed.

When the session is over, you will be left to get dressed. Most people feel very relaxed and rejuvenated and will want to take a little extra time while getting up. You will want to drink plenty of water the next few days to help your body flush any toxins that may have been released.

When and How Can I Schedule an Appointment?

You can always call Lakewood School at 810 987-3959 to inquire about availabilities, or, click here for additional information.

Don’t Miss Out on Specials!

Periodically we offer our Facebook follwers an opportunity for discounts for their sessions so there is never a better time to “Like” our Facebook page for your chance!

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