Applications for the Licensure of Massage Therapists in Michigan are Now Available !

As of November 29, 2014 you must be state licensed to work as a Massage Therapist.

This is the link to access the application document. The document is 17 pages long. You won’t need to print all of it. Here is what you will need:

  • Complete the three page Application and submit it with the fee to the Board of Massage Therapy. The application form is pages 5, 6 & 7 of the application document.
  • Fingerprints & Background Check. Print pages 11 & 12. Page 11 is the directions, Page 12 is the form you will need to complete.
  • Program Certification. Print pages 8 & 9. Page 8 will be completed by you, the graduate and then you will send both pages 8 & 9 to the school for certification. High School graduation will need to be verified with a copy of your diploma. The school will mail the certification documents directly to Lansing.
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