Understanding the impact of return Clients

The AMTA’s annual Research Report released recently detailed that Massage Therapists working as Sole Practitioners saw an average of 43 Clients each month and that of those 43 Clients, 72% were return customers. Generating new Clients is of course important, however, re-focusing your efforts to strengthen relationships with the Clients you’ve already treated will pay off in the long run. Providing great service is just the first step, here are 5 helpful tips to use that can help you get your clients coming back again and again:

  • Connect with ThemThis should be a no-brainer but it bears reinforcing. Connect with the Client, get to know them. Provide them a truthful and heartfelt concern for why they are seeking massage therapy and let them know that you are there to help. When your truly invested in your Client they will sense it and become more relaxed during the session.
  • CommunicationActively listen to your Client. Discuss in detail why they are receiving a massage to determine areas you may want to focus on or techniques you may use. Post massage encourage your Client to provide feedback so you can continue to provide excellent service.
  • Be ProfessionalCommit yourself to providing excellent service. Return calls and messages promptly and always be on time for scheduled appointments. Focus 100% of yourself on the Client during the massage – if your sidetracked with your personal life or preoccupied with other things it will show in your work. Thank them for their business after the session and let them know you appreciate them.
  • Stay in TouchDon’t wait for the Client to take the first step in the communication process. Follow up with them post massage to see how they’re doing. If they had a problem with their shoulder ask them how its been doing post treatment and determine the need for further treatment.
  • Little PerksYou know your client. Do something special during your sessions that is tailored for them specifically. For example, if you know your Clients enjoy a certain type of music during their massage be sure to use it. If they enjoy a scent such as lavender, try to encorporate it. Even the smallest gesture like having small bottles of water ready for them after the massage can go a long way.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to strengthen the relationship between yourself and your Clients. Be creative. Develop your own method for maximizing return Client opportunities – you’ll be glad you did in the long run!


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